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AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is an advanced desktop software which performs the functions of a web browser, instant messenger as well as a top-class media player.


Aol Email

AOL Mail is an online email service provider which has been serving the users for several years. The users can also use the services of AOL Mail without needing the subscription of AOL Gold.


Aol App

AOL also provides its services on smartphones, and the users can easily download the AOL app from the App Store or even the play store. This service would provide users with the ultimate experience of browsing the internet.


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Effortless usage

With the help of AOL, the users can experience effortless usage of the internet. The users upon downloading AOL would get a wholly heightened browsing experience.


Automatic Updates

Once the users have AOL, they would then never have to worry about updating it. AOL provides its users with automatic update option where the required updates would be installed on its own.


Enhanced protection

AOL has always ensured that its users are always protected while functioning on the internet. There are several things that might harm the users while exploring the internet. AOL protects them from each and every potential harm.

Aol Issues

  • Error while downloading AOL desktop gold
  • Slow functioning of AOL desktop gold software
  • Users encounter Internet connection issues at times
  • The problem faced at the time of updating AOL desktop gold
  • AOL desktop gold not responding/not working
  • Users face difficulty accessing their account when they forget the password.

AOL Features


Do you think about the software which provides you to access countless things in one place? You are at the right place. With the invention of AOL desktop gold, the experience of users have enhanced. To know some of its exciting features, you can go through the following list:

  • The software helps people to save their time and energy
  • AOL desktop gold provides users with some security features and automatic updates
  • Numerous themes with a friendly interface are available to make it more personalized
  • The software takes user’s security as an essential aspect
  • Screenshots are captured to alert you of suspicious websites
  • Data is in the encrypted form in AOL desktop gold.

These are a few features of AOL desktop gold which enhances the experience of users. If you want to know more about its features or how to make these features beneficial for you, you can connect with the experts at AOL customer support number. They will help you with any kind of query, and they also provide you with some tips and suggestions for the smooth functioning of the software.

AOL Install

To avail the interrupted internet browsing and flawless service for entertainment and information, one can easily download AOL desktop gold and install it the computer. There is an updated version available of the official website of AOL. It can easily be downloaded online, and once you get the AOL file on your system, you need to open it and run the setup file. You have to create a user account to access the software that you can create easily on AOL website. Once it is done, you can proceed with the installation process. Once you run the setup file, you can start the installation process by simply following the screen instruction. You can read the terms and conditions if you want and click yes to proceed further and the software will be installed to your computer within minutes. Then you can easily access AOL software using your user ID and password and get immersed in the digital space of entertainment and information.

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